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December 6, 2013
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Amethyst by slowboyfast Amethyst by slowboyfast
Clean, squared and simple.

:bulletblue: Installation manual can be found inside the archive or here.

:bulletblue: Playlist manager guide's here.

:bulletblue: You can change how ELPlaylist groups tracks by right clicking on the group and then choosing "Group by". Each grouping option will change how the playlist looks .

:bulletred: Changelog:
2013-12-19: ***1.0.1 BUGFIX***
** Details tab "online stream" text fixed.

2013-12-12: ***1.0.1 BUGFIX***
** Amethyst is fetching dynamic track and artist names now. Go on and stream something.

2013-12-8: ***1.0.1 UPDATE***
** Web links "Aw Crashed" errors corrected,
** Volume bar click area increased (for both mini and big mode), "Aw Crashed" errors corrected,
** New rating script.

2013-12-6: ***1.0 INITIAL RELEASE***

:bulletred: This theme was designed and tested on f2k v1.3 b4 (works fine on portable edition).
To install it on portable f2k, move "user-components", "configuration", "components" and "skins" to your portable installation dir, this should do the trick.

:bulletgreen: No cover – setting up „no cover stub image”:
1. Open prefs
2. Go to display
3. Look for "stub image path", point it to "nocover.png" (skins :pointr: Amethyst :pointr: Raw)

:bulletgreen: Enable/disable scrollbars in Library Tree Panel:
1. Right click on Library Tree Panel,
2. Choose panel preferences,
3. Set scrollbar to default (will be shown when needed) or hide (always hidden) :pointr: (bottom right section).

:bulletgreen: Enable/disable scrollbars in ELPlaylist:
1. Right click on any track or playlist header,
2. Choose setings,
3. Go to style tab,
4. Set scrollbar to default (will be shown when needed), hide (always hidden) or show (always visible) :pointr: (bottom left section).

If you like my configs, support me with a :+fav: or comment. :beer: is fine too!

Thanks to:
:iconmuzikfrrrik: for the inspiration
:iconscrollunlock: for amazing wallpaper

And as always, report bugs!.
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yury-fedorchenko Featured By Owner Jul 17, 2014
Perfect design!
But how drag window?
slowboyfast Featured By Owner Jul 19, 2014
1. Click and hold with middle mouse button
2. Move it :)

It's described in the tutorial.
BabboNatale Featured By Owner Jul 3, 2014
very nice skin! can I replace the pink ui/text color with some small edit or isn't possible?
slowboyfast Featured By Owner Jul 4, 2014
Totally possible.

In my Panel Stack Splitter (PSS) themes, you need to change only one variable in each PSS to edit colors.
It's usually named col1/col2 or col3 under //--VAR or //--COL section.

Open up preferences, go to columns ui -> layout.
Now click on each PSS, click configure and check if there are those "col" variables I was talking about. Edit them to your liking.
BabboNatale Featured By Owner Jul 4, 2014
thanks man, I've been able to mess up a bit with those script and now it really match my theme (and my Steam client).
There are a couple of things in the bigger version that I wasn't able to edit (equalizer color, the dot on the library tab) but are very minor details, and i dont even use that mode.
have a nice day ^^
slowboyfast Featured By Owner Jul 9, 2014
Damn sweet screenshot! I love how minimal your desktop looks.
I see you're using Windows photo viewer, check Xnview instead. It can view every image format that ever existed and if you configure it right, it can be even more minimal than Windows viewer.

Cheers! :)
Great skin! The best I've seen yet!

A small problem: the color of the text is the same as the background when I go to highlight text in the Library viewer.
slowboyfast Featured By Owner Jul 4, 2014
It's library tree related. You can fix it easily. Go  to prefs -> columns ui -> colors & fonts -> colors

Now select Library Tree from Element menu, change its mode from themed to custom and hit apply. Now open up library, right click on any item and select "Panel preferences...". 
Now you can pick up different colors for highlights.
matQu Featured By Owner Jun 10, 2014
Super skin, mój ulubiony do foobara :D 

Mam małe pytanie, da się usunąć w jakiś sposób ten taki jakby poblask na okładce? Zamieszczam link do screena żeby wyjaśnij o co mi chodzi.…
slowboyfast Featured By Owner Jun 15, 2014
Hej :)
Wspaniale, że się podoba! Żeby usunąć poblask, kliknij prawym przyciskiem na okładkę -> splitter settings... -> zakładka script:

Usuń tę linijkę albo dodaj przed nią // jakbyś kiedyś chciał z powrotem włączyć odbicie:

Powinna być ostatnia, więc raczej nie będziesz miał problemów ze znalezieniem :)

W innych miejscach, poblask wyłączasz analogicznie, splitter settings, script i szukasz $imageabs ze ścieżką która prowadzi do reflector.png.
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