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October 9, 2012
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Placebo by slowboyfast Placebo by slowboyfast
Best served with Placebo Pure Morning & Cold Market:)
Tested on 1.1.14a - 1.3 b5, should be compatible with any version that can use WSH 1.5.6!

:bulletred: This theme will not be updated anymore. Mind that I also won't provide any support.

(22-4-2013)***MINOR BUGFIX*** PBO buttons are aligned properly. Fixed controls in "Pure (Segoe Semibold)"

(10-4-2013)***UPDATE*** New PBO script, volume and control icons.

(31-1-2013)***MINOR BUGFIX*** Text clipping bug resolved.

(6-12-2012)***MINOR BUGFIX*** Volume bars are aligned properly now.

(27-11-2012)***MINOR BUGFIX*** "Playing" and "selected" items are now properly skinned.

(24-11-2012)***MINOR BUGFIX*** Fixed coding in headers.

(23-11-2012)***UPDATE*** Reworked nearly everything! Bottom does not look like MNLT2 anymore, blends better with Placebo VS. New buttons (taken from my other skin - The Spy), smaller toolbar, library moved to the right. Each style has 2 font variations (Segoe Semibold, Calibri). Enjoy!

(30-10-2012)***UPDATE*** Added new color scheme to match Placebo Cold Market, improved Pure Morning scheme, added gradients and stuff. Buttons are now part of PSS script, this means you don't need to load fixes, should work out of the box.
++2 styles included:
-Pure (dark toolbar / blue seekbar)
-Cold (light toolbar / dark grey seekbar)

(16-10-2012)***IMPORTANT*** Added pictures to explain how to edit tabs!

(14-10-2012)***MINOR BUGFIX*** Missing buttons fix released, instructions below!

:bulletred:Installation - how to:

1. Copy everything to your Foobar2000 folder
2. Launch Foobar, choose Columns UI
3. Open preferences (CTRL+P) :pointr: go to Display :pointr: Columns UI :pointr: import one of the .fcl files (skins folder)
4. Go to Display :pointr: Columns UI :pointr: Main :pointr: Hide toolbars

:bulletgreen:Search icon – setting up „placebo dots”:

1. Click on the magnifying glass icon
2. Go to Options :pointr: Custom Bitmap
3. Point it to „placebodots” (skins folder :pointr: placebo)

:bulletgreen:Enable/disable scrollbars in library panel:

1. Right click anywhere on library panel
2. Choose panel preferences
3. Set scrollbar to default (will be shown when needed) or hide (always hidden) :pointr: (bottom right section)

:bulletgreen:Enable/disable scrollbars in ELPlaylist:

1. Right click on any track or playlist header
2. Choose setings
3. Go to style tab
4. Set scrollbar to default (will be shown when needed), hide (always hidden) or show (always visible) :pointr: (bottom left section)


If you like my configs, support me with a :+fav: or comment. :beer: is fine too!

Thanks to:
:iconfanco86: for MNLT2 (monolite2), base of my skin
:iconsolmiler: for Placebo VS
:iconxnhan00: for this awesome wallpaper
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friggimay Featured By Owner Sep 24, 2014

I'm new to Foobar and this is the first skin I tried to install only it doesn't look like the picture AT ALL. Instead it  looks like this Link
I feel really stupid because I know I'm just missing something really obvious... can anyone tell me what I'm doing wrong?? Thanks!
slowboyfast Featured By Owner Sep 24, 2014
Hmm, If I were on Windows 8.1 I'd be able to see deeper into this problem.
But let's see. As for window border, it's ok. This theme is using system style borders. To change it, you'll need to install custom visual style, like Base 8 by link6155. I don't know why WSH components (seek bar, volume bar and playback order button) are showing 0db tho. Try doing this:

Right click on where seek bar should be, select configure, you should see a window with script. Now look in upper left corner, it should say scripting engine: jscript. Try switching from jscript to jscript9. If it won't work, lemme know and I'll think about other solutions :)

friggimay Featured By Owner Sep 25, 2014
thanks for the quick response. I tried right-clicking the seek bar but no matter where I right click it just selects the whole window (everything is marked blue) and the only options I have are: change panel, change splitter or add panel.
Is it possible I just installed it wrong?
slowboyfast Featured By Owner Sep 25, 2014
It seems you have live editing enabled. Right click on f2k tray icon -> preferences -> columns ui -> check show toolbars.
Now, once you have toolbars enabled, click on view menu -> layout -> live editing [here's a screenshot].
After that, you'll be able to click on stuff :)
friggimay Featured By Owner Sep 25, 2014
Okay, I checked show toolbars and then I tried to switch to jscript9 but I can't find the scripting engine option link
Again thanks for your help and I'm really sorry for bothering you so much...
slowboyfast Featured By Owner Sep 26, 2014
Ok, did you turned live editing off?

Also, you can't find scripting engine stuff because you're clicking on default UI elements :) click on WSH panels. I highlighted them on this screenshot.

And if you still have issues, try this. It's a compressed version of Placebo. Just unpack and run.
corvo666 Featured By Owner Jul 30, 2014
i want to have a spectrum analyser in the skin, how i do this? (sorry for the bad english)
slowboyfast Featured By Owner Aug 4, 2014
There's readme on how to add/remove panels inside the archive. Just follow those instructions.

If you don't want to add spectrum as a separate tab, then I can't help. I don't work on this theme anymore.
mantrasiva Featured By Owner May 11, 2014
how can i start foobar now playing albums?
mantrasiva Featured By Owner May 11, 2014
beautiful !
how can i add rating and love ? i installed
Playback Statistics and others?

can i change the font of  media library ?

i use folder.jpg , how can i change it?

lots' of questions

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