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October 9, 2012
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Placebo by slowboyfast Placebo by slowboyfast
Best served with Placebo Pure Morning & Cold Market:)
Tested on 1.1.14a - 1.3 b5, should be compatible with any version that can use WSH 1.5.6!

:bulletred: If you are having problems with messed up playlist, check your library tree settings. They should look like this.

(22-4-2013)***MINOR BUGFIX*** PBO buttons are aligned properly. Fixed controls in "Pure (Segoe Semibold)"

(10-4-2013)***UPDATE*** New PBO script, volume and control icons.

(31-1-2013)***MINOR BUGFIX*** Text clipping bug resolved.

(6-12-2012)***MINOR BUGFIX*** Volume bars are aligned properly now.

(27-11-2012)***MINOR BUGFIX*** "Playing" and "selected" items are now properly skinned.

(24-11-2012)***MINOR BUGFIX*** Fixed coding in headers.

(23-11-2012)***UPDATE*** Reworked nearly everything! Bottom does not look like MNLT2 anymore, blends better with Placebo VS. New buttons (taken from my other skin - The Spy), smaller toolbar, library moved to the right. Each style has 2 font variations (Segoe Semibold, Calibri). Enjoy!

(30-10-2012)***UPDATE*** Added new color scheme to match Placebo Cold Market, improved Pure Morning scheme, added gradients and stuff. Buttons are now part of PSS script, this means you don't need to load fixes, should work out of the box.
++2 styles included:
-Pure (dark toolbar / blue seekbar)
-Cold (light toolbar / dark grey seekbar)

(16-10-2012)***IMPORTANT*** Added pictures to explain how to edit tabs!

(14-10-2012)***MINOR BUGFIX*** Missing buttons fix released, instructions below!

:bulletred:Installation - how to:

1. Copy everything to your Foobar2000 folder
2. Launch Foobar, choose Columns UI
3. Open preferences (CTRL+P) :pointr: go to Display :pointr: Columns UI :pointr: import one of the .fcl files (skins folder)
4. Go to Display :pointr: Columns UI :pointr: Main :pointr: Hide toolbars

:bulletgreen:Search icon – setting up „placebo dots”:

1. Click on the magnifying glass icon
2. Go to Options :pointr: Custom Bitmap
3. Point it to „placebodots” (skins folder :pointr: placebo)

:bulletgreen:Enable/disable scrollbars in library panel:

1. Right click anywhere on library panel
2. Choose panel preferences
3. Set scrollbar to default (will be shown when needed) or hide (always hidden) :pointr: (bottom right section)

:bulletgreen:Enable/disable scrollbars in ELPlaylist:

1. Right click on any track or playlist header
2. Choose setings
3. Go to style tab
4. Set scrollbar to default (will be shown when needed), hide (always hidden) or show (always visible) :pointr: (bottom left section)


If you like my configs, support me with a :+fav: or comment. :beer: is fine too!

Thanks to:
:iconfanco86: for MNLT2 (monolite2), base of my skin
:iconsolmiler: for Placebo VS
:iconxnhan00: for this awesome wallpaper
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Hi slowboyfast,

I love the skin but have two questions:

1. Is there any way to adjust the size of the library tree panel? It takes up the leftmost 40% of the screen right now and I'd like for it to only take up about 20-25%, leaving the remainder for the songs. 

2. I have the windows taskbar set to hide itself automatically and when I have foobar maximized with this skin, the taskbar won't pull itself up when hovered over and I have to use alt+tab to get out. Is there any way around this? 

Thanks in advance! :D Great skin! 
slowboyfast Mar 27, 2014  Student Interface Designer
Hey bro, 

1. Go to prefs -> columns ui -> layout and find this highlighted panel stack splitter. Click on it and press configure. In the new window you'll see 2 panels, Libtree and Elplaylist. Select first (X) and change its size from 35 to whatever you like. Same goes for second (y), select it and change it from 65 to whatever you desire :) Just remember that X+Y=100 (coz it's set to percentage).

2. Strange, auto hiding works fine for me. Maybe you were tinkering with foobar preferences? Coz I have no idea why is this happening :)
Could you explain the first point bettere? I can't change the library tree panel size
slowboyfast 3 days ago  Student Interface Designer
Sorry for the late response, I'm out of town right now :)

Well, point 1 is already detailed but I'll try to make it clearer.
Open up Preferences -> Display -> Columns UI -> Layout. Look for this exact PSS and click configure.
It will open totally new window with Libtree and ELPlaylist on the right and size/padding section on the right.
You need to change size fields. It's a percentage value, so if Libtree is 35, ELPlaylist should be 65. If you change it to 20, then ELPlaylist should be 80. Just like I said above. Treat Libtree like X and ELP like Y. X+Y=100.
Thanks, i menaged to change the size :) I had to change width and height to 100 too
If I may ask, what windows theme are you using in that picture? I'm actually using your nice Veronica skin, and I'd like a scrollbar meshes with it, or at least isn't disgustingly ugly like the default Windows one.

slowboyfast Mar 22, 2014  Student Interface Designer
It's Placebo Pure Morning by Solmiler :0
Pope541 Nov 16, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Suffers from the same problem that many players have.  There's no now playing tab so if you decide to browse your library, the player will automatically switch to whatever you're browsing at that moment.

Also, for whatever reason, when I drag a folder from the folder view into the playlist panel, the files are out of order.  I name my tracks so that everything is preceded by 01, 02, 03... so I'm not really sure why this happens.
slowboyfast Nov 17, 2013  Student Interface Designer
Auto switching lists:
:bulletred: When you're browsing your library, libtree component generates new autoplaylist. To prevent foo from erasing your current list, rename it to Now Playing and send your items there. Sorry, I know no other method. It's the choice of components.

Out of order files:
:bulletred: It's a problem that came from MNLT2 (this theme is a mod). I'll fix it in the next update and rewrite everything from scratch.
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