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January 31, 2013
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SP8 by slowboyfast SP8 by slowboyfast
Service Pack "8" for foobar2000 :)

Tested on 1.1.14a - 1.3.3, should be compatible with any version that can use WSH 1.5.6!

Bullet; Red If your AV is bitching about trojans, worms or atom bombs inside the archive, ignore it or get a non paranoid AV. It's just UI_hacks component which is totally safe.

(31-8-2014)***UPDATE*** Added 4 new playlist views (available through right click -> group/sort), reworked album art, added now playing button (click the artwork).

(3-12-2013)***UPDATE*** Missing Libman icon is fixed. New nocover.png. Reload your .fcl!

(11-4-2013)***UPDATE*** New PBO icons.

(2-4-2013)***UPDATE*** New PBO script.

(7-02-2013)***MINOR BUGFIX*** Now playing text is now aligned to the left and don't clip. Elapsed time is aligned to the right.

(5-2-2013)***UPDATE*** Smaller knob, added album art in playlist.

(4-2-2013)***MINOR BUGFIX*** Fixed mouseover images for libmanager and prefs.

:bulletred:Installation - how to:
1. Copy everything to your Foobar2000 folder
2. Launch Foobar, choose Columns UI
3. Open preferences (CTRL+P) :pointr: go to Display :pointr: Columns UI :pointr: import one of the .fcl files (skins folder)
4. Go to Display :pointr: Columns UI :pointr: Main :pointr: Hide toolbars
5. (OPTIONAL) Go to Display :pointr: Main Window :pointr: mess with options (small caption, no caption and other stuff) :)

:bulletgreen:Search icon – setting up „magni glass”:
1. Unfold Libman
2. Click on the magnifying glass icon
3. Go to Options :pointr: Custom Bitmap
4. Point it to „search2.bmp” (skins folder :pointr: speight)

:bulletgreen:Enable/disable scrollbars in libman dropdown panel:
1. Right click on libtree inside libman panel
2. Choose panel preferences
3. Set scrollbar to default (will be shown when needed) or hide (always hidden) :pointr: (bottom right section)

:bulletgreen:Enable/disable scrollbars in ELPlaylist:
1. Right click on any track or playlist header
2. Choose setings
3. Go to style tab
4. Set scrollbar to default (will be shown when needed), hide (always hidden) or show (always visible)

:bulletblue:If you want to add or remove tabs, look for instructions here.

If you like my configs, support me with a :+fav: or comment. :beer: is fine too!
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chiepchiep Featured By Owner 5 days ago
Thanks for share, fantastic!
slowboyfast Featured By Owner 4 days ago
No problem, glad you like it :)
298374928374 Featured By Owner Nov 28, 2014
how do you edit colors? i want to edit it so it fits my theme (dark)
slowboyfast Featured By Owner 4 days ago
Mainly through right click. For example, if you right click on any stack splitter and then select splitter settings, you'll be able to change body color in "behaviour" tab.
tastynuggets Featured By Owner Edited Nov 19, 2014
Hey man sorry to bother, but could you once again tell me how to remove the divider on the bottom and have the info, seekbar, buttons etc etc take up the whole space? The links on the second page appear to have been taken down. Thanks. +fav 
slowboyfast Featured By Owner 4 days ago
Yeah, DA messed up my stash links pretty bad. If you still need instructions, just send me a private note :)
Mizuiro93 Featured By Owner Oct 30, 2014
Prawie dokładnie to co zawsze chciałem zrobić z swoim foobarem. Przerobiłem troszkę kolory aby wpasować go do motywu Gray2014 i efekt jest genialny:
slowboyfast Featured By Owner Oct 31, 2014
No powiem, że wygląda naprawdę nieźle :)
slayer621 Featured By Owner Oct 9, 2014
Is it possible for the search bar to include the "comment" field of music files? I'm not sure if that makes sense, so I'll explain my exact scenario. I have a bunch of music in different directories all with "anime" in the comment field (tagged in MP3tag). I'd like to be able to search for "anime" and have all the results appear.
slowboyfast Featured By Owner Oct 9, 2014
Yeah, it's possible :)

Open up preferences, go to Media Library -> Quick Search.
Now, you should see Tag section in the middle. Click on genre tag and do this:
1. Change name from Genre to Comment
2. Change %genre% to %comment% and click "add" (genre search will remain intact)
3. Check "context menu"

How it should look in the end:…
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